Zen Dairy Goats

Always Remember the Zen Way is to Live, Laugh and Love Unconditionally!!

Eric Rovegno is one amazing guy.  His ability to do everything necessary to run his business and keep it within the family is nothing short of beautiful. 

His whole family gets involved with every aspect of the natural goat milk farm and they all take huge pride in what they do.

Eric uses his milk for several things. Milk shares being the first, but his creativity has pushed him to create some very beneficial soaps,  lotions and lip balms. His ingredients are all natural and he uses some of the best essential and fragrance oils he can find.  His customers are always raving about how amazing everything smells, and how much lathering their soaps do while bathing.

He's even offering to give tours of his farm,  even allowing kids to pet the kids "baby goats" or even learn to milk. Eric is looking at offering kid parties on his property where he will bring out a few of the goats so the kids can pet them and feed them crackers. Chickens, well are always running around the property..

Remember the Zen way is to Live, Laugh and Love Unconditionally!!

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Established in 2015.

Zen Dairy Goats started out as just a want for some good quality goats milk, but quickly became a passion of the owner. Igniting a fire in the owner Eric Rovegno that he couldn't extinguish. He now has a full running Dairy Farm that his family and him truly love and enjoy.. They're future is bright, just like the flames burning in Eric's eyes when you get him talking about what he loves to do. .